The following chart shows the growth in same store gross sales by A&W restaurants in the years 2016 to 2020.

Same Store Growth

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With over 1,000 restaurants, A&W ranks second in the Canadian hamburger segment.

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A&W has shown steady overall system sales growth over a long period, achieving compound annual growth of 6.5% since 2000.

The following table shows the number of hamburger quick service restaurants operated in Canada in 2018 by the five leading brands.

Canadian Quick Service Restaurants - Selected Comparative Statistics

(as at December 31, 2018)1

Number of Restaurants Estimated Annual Sales (in millions) Market Share by Annual Sales
McDonald's 1,472 $5,300 65.7%
A&W 952 $1,420 17.6%
Wendy's 368 $647 8.0%
Burger King 281 $370 4.6%
Harvey's 292 $329 4.1%
Total 3,365 $8,066 100.0%

1. Source: Foodservice and Hospitality magazine, June 2019